The Future of

All-Ways Matching: The Future of Recruiting

All-Ways Matching: The Future of Recruiting

The global talent shortage has nearly doubled over the past 10 years1

To survive, companies need to attract the best talent, fast. MojoRank’s AI-enabled recruiting software eliminates inefficiency and protects investments in human capital by aligning the right talent with the right job, every time. Training our algorithms on millions of candidates and job descriptions then having each validated by HR experts has created an unprecedented matching ability.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Deployment is fast and easy, since the cloud-based platform integrates with any existing HR system and technology stack, so companies can enjoy its benefits right away without modifying or replacing any existing platforms. It can benefit any mid-sized to enterprise business with a heavy applicant flow, regardless of the industry.
New applicants are carefully evaluated and compared against all other candidates in your ATS, then ranked for each open job. Each candidate, new and existing, is ranked for not just one specific job, but for every open, available job. This amplifies efficiency and enables recruiters to instantly initiate contact with the best matches, without having to sift through lesser-qualified candidates.
Other talent matching engines match jobs to candidates. MojoRank’s proprietary matching engine matches jobs to candidates, candidates to jobs and candidates to candidates (via the “find similar candidates” feature) to protect your investments and ensure nothing is overlooked.
You are sitting on a gold mine of talent. Rediscover and re-engage applicants hidden in your own recruiting systems. Importantly, don’t throw your runner-up candidates back in the pool with everyone else just because they didn’t get hired for a particular job; you’ve already invested time interviewing them and they were a finalist. Instead, use our people-to-jobs matching capability to find another open req that would be perfect for them.
Employee turnover costs have doubled in the past 10 years.2 MojoRank protects your human capital and fosters employee retention by making it easy for internal resources to apply for jobs and indicate their interest in a move, as well as recommending ideal back-fill candidates.
Contingent or permanent, project-based or ongoing – MojoRank intelligently reads and understands job descriptions and instantly surfaces and ranks the best candidates with aligned goals.
More than 60% of companies surveyed cited employee mobility as the most important contributor to their competitive advantage.3 Our proprietary algorithms identify the best-fit talent no matter where they live, regardless of whether the position is mobile, onsite or hybrid.

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