Discover overlooked candidates with MojoRank

In this podcast, Brion Lau shows how MojoRank can help recruiters by surfacing overlooked candidates, minimizing unconscious hiring bias, and more.

On RecruitingDaily’s Use Case Podcast with William Tincup, MojoRank co-founder Brion Lau describes some of the unique features and benefits of MojoRank’s intelligent talent matching platform that sets it apart in the marketplace.

Tincup described MojoRank’s ability to mine otherwise overlooked candidates buried in a company’s applicant tracking systems like surfacing “found money,” only in this case they are “found assets.” Companies rarely undertake the cumbersome task of going back and digging into their ATS to consider candidates that have previously applied for open positions, even though the perfect-fit candidate for the current open req might be sitting right in their own system.

Lau also touches upon the plethora of use cases for MojoRank, thanks to its broad and versatile matching ability. Not only does it match talent to a specific opportunity, but it also matches candidates to all suitable opportunities, even ones the recruiter might not even know about. It also has a feature that finds and surfaces other candidates similar to the one you are considering, for example to backfill positions left empty by internal employee mobility.

Tincup and Lau broached the subject of workforce diversity and how MojoRank can help mitigate unconscious hiring bias through its anonymization feature.

For more details about these and the other topics addressed during this interview, listen to the full podcast below.

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